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Labradorians Of Distiction 

Nominate Your Community Leaders

Do you know someone making a significant impact in your community? Now is your chance to recognize their efforts by nominating them for a Community Award. It's all about celebrating the unsung heroes who work tirelessly for the betterment of the community.

About Labradorians of Distinction Awards

The Labradorians of Distinction award, initiated by Labrador MP Yvonne Jones to commemorate Canada's 150th year of Confederation, celebrates the remarkable contributions of individuals to Labrador's cultural, social, environmental, and economic landscape.


This prestigious honor recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions through an annual induction ceremony, where recipients receive a special medal.


Eligibility is open to individuals who have significantly impacted Labrador's social, cultural, or economic spheres, with the exception of elected federal and provincial officials. This initiative not only honors the diverse backgrounds and identities of Labradorians but also fosters unity and awareness of the region's rich history and heritage.


By celebrating past and present Labradorians, the award promotes reconciliation and highlights the collective pride and identity of the region within the broader Canadian context. Nominations are encouraged to recognize deserving individuals for their invaluable contributions to Labrador's legacy and society.


Nominate Now 


Selection Committee

The nomination committee plays a pivotal role in identifying individuals who embody excellence and inspire change in our community. 


Seeking passionate individuals with a keen eye for innovation, a commitment to integrity, and a diverse perspective.


As a member of the selection committee, you'll have the opportunity to review nominations, evaluate achievements, and help recognize the outstanding contributions of nominees.


Outstanding Labradorians 

The Labradorian of Distinction Medal is an esteemed award presented to living individuals who have made significant contributions to the social, cultural, environmental, or economic landscape of Labrador.


This recognition is part of the celebrations for Canada 150 and will honor living Labradorians of Distinction in a special ceremony.


Memorialize a Labradorian

The Memorialize a Labradorian of Distinction nomination seeks to honor deceased individuals who made significant social, cultural, environmental, or economic contributions to Labrador.


These distinguished Labradorians will be celebrated posthumously during a special ceremony as part of the Canada 150 celebrations.


Nominate a deserving individual who has left a lasting impact on Labrador's community and legacy.

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