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The Labradorians of Distinction award was created by Labrador MP Yvonne Jones to mark the 150th year of Canadian Confederation to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Labradorians that have made an outstanding contribution to Labrador culturally, socially, environmentally or economically.  It is an honour bestowed upon Labradorians who have provided an outstanding contribution to the region and its residents.


Members of the award program will be inducted once a year during a special ceremony and will receive a special medal.  Any individual who has made a significant social, cultural or economic contribution to Labrador is eligible for nomination to the award program. The only exceptions are elected federal and provincial officials who may not be nominated while they are in office. The Labradorians of Distinction award will recognize the contribution of individuals. Groups and organizations can therefore not be nominated.

Celebrating Labradorians past and present is an excellent way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday (which Labradorians voted 86% in favour of joining in the confederation vote). The award will go to Labradorians of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and regions of Labrador and be yet another unifying celebration of our collective history. Additionally, learning about and celebrating our own history and the exceptional Labradorians that have shaped our region will be our way to celebrate our place in this great confederation.

Collectively celebrating past and present Labradorians of all regions and ethnicities helps achieve reconciliation, and more importantly, who we are as a distinct region of the province and of Canada. Labradorians are fiercely proud of our region and our peoples, as represented in the uptake of our own flag, tartan, coat of arms and collective identity. We often do not know enough of our founding people’s and the contribution they have made to the betterment of Labrador, Newfoundland and Canadian society. This project will help raise awareness of our deep interconnectedness and history that may otherwise be unknown to each other.

Nominate someone today for the selection committee or an award!

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